Research in Progress

Below is an overview of my ongoing research projects. Working papers are in progress and soon to come!

Mobilizing Voters in Off-Year Elections in Philadelphia

—With Daniel Hopkins

In this project, Dan and I are partnering with the Philadelphia Office of the Mayor and the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners to implement an intervention designed to increase voter turnout during the 2019 primary and general elections in Philadelphia. In a randomized controlled trial, registered voters in Philadelphia will receive various flights of mailers, reminding them of the upcoming primary and general elections and encouraging them to vote. The project has been supported by generous funding provided by the University of Pennsylvania.


Studying Gendered Biases in News Reporting on Athletes and Sports Teams

—with Iris Bohnet & Jeni Klugman

In partnership with the Victoria Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) in Australia, this project analyzes gendered bias in reporting on athletes and sport teams. Specifically, we use supervised machine learning to detect biased reporting patterns in over 150,000 sports-related news articles published in eight major news outlets between 2016 and 2018. Based on the results of the media analysis, we plan to run a randomized intervention to study the effects journalistic training and awareness building on the quality of news coverage.